How to Measure Quality of Service

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Study design
In this field study, data on the independent variables and dependent variables were collected from consumers above 21 years old in several shopping malls through short questionnaires drafted specifically for this analysis.

Population and sample
The population for this study comprised of consumers who had experience any form of service in the shopping mall. A systematic sampling procedure was first used to scale down the size of the study to 100 and thereafter remove erroneous data. Then, through a simple random sampling procedure, select 40 data from each of the following age group for this study; below 35 years old, 35 years and above but below 50 years old, and 50 years old and above. Total sample size is 120 and 120 of the short questionnaires were consolidated for analysis. The unit of this analysis was the individual consumer who is above the minimum age specified above, and had responded to and completed the short questionnaire without error.
All respondents are expected to have experienced a form of service from a shop, restaurant or supermarket in a shopping mall. All respondents are also expected to have experience a service from the shopping mall, which they participate in the questionnaire. Numbers of respondents from each age group were predetermined to avoid biasness in data.

Variables and measures
All demographic variables such as country and city of residence, age, gender, education level, occupation, religion, average number of hours spent
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