How to Motivate Staff

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Donna wants to motivate her staff to achieve high sales resorts. What awards can be given along with the trophies to motivate the staff? Give some specific examples and how they would tie in with the evening, be motivational for all retail managers and store staff. Given that sales people love to 'show off,' turning the evening into a game show would be one way to add additional 'spice' to the event and also allow sales staff to earn more prizes. Instead of merely an awards dinner, a portion of the evening could be devoted to a 'trivia challenge,' in which different groups of sales staff would compete as teams for cash prizes and recognition. Staging the event would have several useful functions for the company. First and foremost, it would foster a greater sense of team spirit amongst the sales staff. Second of all, it would revitalize a competitive edge amongst the team members. The prizes would not have to be substantial, but they would have to be meaningful, and the winning team members would be celebrated at the end of the evening. The game show MC would be a funny 'personality' selected to ask questions and to engage in banter between him or herself and the audience. This would be more interactive and interesting than merely having a motivational speaker talk about the value of selling more. The subjects of the trivia game could revolve around general interest subjects, to encourage friendly discussion amongst the team members, or could be product-specific (such
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