How to Motivate Your Staff Essay

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How to Motivate Your Staff My problem definition states; "How to maintain a motivating work environment?" The aim of my research is to analyze the methods used in maintaining a motivating work environment. The reason why I choose motivation as my research topic is because I find it very challenging for managers to retain their employees and to keep a low employee turnover. To retain your employees is not easy and knowing that employees are all different persons with different ideas, perceptions and characteristics makes it easy to understand that employees quit for different reasons ,so different methods of motivation are necessary. Through my learning objectives I hope to learn how…show more content…
One of those methods is to let your current employees be involved with the selection process of new applicants. There are several selection methods but interviewing is a selection method that can expose a positive image of the company directly to the job applicant. Their interviewers represent companies and it is natural to assume that only the best representatives are selected to be interviewers. However, when interviewing a candidate you must give the candidate a positive impression of the company and if the interviewer is an employee who is not performing very well, conducting the interview can make him/her reconsider why he/she joined the company. This can motivate them indirectly to perform better and encourage them to keep on working. When interviewing a candidate you also learn more about the "outside" working situations. The candidate may tell the interviewer what type of work he/she used to do and their reasons for leaving the other companies. The interviewer on his/her turn will give information about the "inside" situation of the company. So during an interview the interviewer learns as much about the competitive companies the job applicants used to work for as he/she gives information about the inside of their own company. When comparing these two situations the interviewer can realize that his/her job is not that bad at all. Selection can also have a motivating influence on your staff when they see that job
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