How to Mow the Lawn

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English 103

September 2, 2010

Manual for Yard Domination

Have you ever woken up on a beautiful Sunday morning only to find that your yard has grown completely out of control? Well don’t fret, this paper will guide you through the steps required to have your lawn look like you’ve been mowing your whole life. Having the skills to conquer any yard will make you a star in the field of landscaping worldwide. By mastering the strategies contained within these lines you, too, can be the Master of the Yard. The key sections of a good mow job are, preparing the equipment, the cutting of the grass, and inspection and clean-up. Let’s take a look at how to first prepare your mower for the task at hand.
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When pulling the cord, it is good to provide a strong full stroke in order to have to best chance of the mower starting. What pulling the cord does is it starts the crankshaft of the motor into motion and from there the normal cycles of the engine take over to keep the mower running. Most mowers are equip with a drive system that reduces the effort required to maneuver the mower around the yard. This will come in either an always-on form, meaning if the mower is running the wheels are spinning, otherwise, it will require you to also hold some kind of switch or pull-bar to activate the drive system.

Now it 's time to get down to business. When mowing the lawn, it is good to have some kind of pre-thought-out pattern in order to avoid running over the same areas twice. This pattern may be either diagonally across the yard, horizontally, vertically, or even is a spiral toward the center. A custom pattern may be necessary depending on the size or unique shape of your lawn. No matter what you pattern of choice, it is good to alternate the pattern you use every month or so. This will avoid marks to your yard caused by the mower running over the exact same areas every time you mow. Using a pattern that utilizes many straight-aways and few turns will make you your mowing more efficient by conserving time and gas. If your mower has a guard on the side instead of an attached bag

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