How to Overcome Addiction

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Rehab to go or not to go? The first time is not going to be the last time. The desire of wanting won’t stop until your willing to make it stop. Many people make their whole entire life revolve around this. In this process you can hurt all of your loved ones. An all consuming need for a fix will drive most people to desperate measures, often ending in tragedy. Being addicted to drugs can and will become your main and only focus in life. It will make you do things that you would never even think of doing and you end up choosing the drugs over all of your loved ones. The road to getting clean is extremely long. In order to get clean you need to have the will to do so. Many drug rehabilitation programs tell their patients that they do have a desies and that they will fail before they succeed and that they will have to live with this disease for the rest of their life. The only way they can remain clean is by following the twelve steps and never stopping the program. Unfortunately, many people fail on the twelve step programs because they feel stuck with a disease and that they can never be cured of that disease (Saint Judes Retreats). There is hope for many people that are in drug rehab programs but if they don’t want to change their whole life they are wasting their time doing treatment. If you do go to a drug rehabilitation program and you don’t do well at one program, there are others. Just because one place works for someone and one goes and it doesn’t work for them do not
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