How to Overcome Individual-Level Resistance to Organizational Changes

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How to overcome individual-level resistance to organizational changes


Organization change is prevalent, we cannot avoid failure in working, it is just the question about sooner or later. When we met frustration,we have to take steps to alter the environment.Thus, change in organization is a necessary result of standstill.

However, where there is change, there is resistance to change. Lectures show that resistance of employees is always the largest barrier for the organization who want to take a change to develop further .To solve the relationship of the forces of change and resistance, choosing suitable methods and strategies is very important.

This paper draws attention on why individuals have resistance
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As we just mentioned before, change is irresistible,however, there is still forces reject to change. Thus, a theory called force-field theory was developed by a researcher named Kurt Lewin. It explained how do these to forces influence each other. In the form below, we can see that when the two forces are all most balances, there’s indeed little change for the organization. In some degree, if there is a need to change, managers have to consider a way to push the employees to adjust the new decision and new environment that the changes make bring(George & Jones, 2008 ).

Exhibit 2 illustrated Lewin’s theory [pic]

Performance level P1of an organization is shown to be balanced means force for change and resistance to change are equal. If organization want to achieve performance leve P2, the managers must increase the forces for change and reduce resistance to change,or both.

How to overcome

Communicate with the workforce

For most employees, the horror of change is that they don’t know what is going to happen next.(George & Jones, 2008 ). Managers could communicate with employees, to insight their fright about change and then check out what is the best solution for both.(Litch, Bonnie, 2005) . Or ,they can have a good group communication in a weekly meeting (George & Jones, 2008 ).

Also, surprise is not suitable here to be the announcement. Management Review,
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