How to Overcome a Fear of Change Essay example

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“Thought processes and relationship dynamics are fundamental if change is to be successful.” (Lynco Assoc.) People fear change because it pushes them out of their comfort zone. One of the greatest fears in the world is the fear of the unknown. Although fear can create a large amount of energy in a person, you can choose to use that energy in a positive manner and take control of the situation. Focus on your convictions; be confident in your abilities and be proud of the work that you do. Do not allow insecurities to damage your focus. Only you can set your moral compass. Make an effort to see change as an opportunity to grow in a different direction and develop new strengths and insights regardless of external influences.…show more content…
Encourage an open dialog with your workers about any concerns they may have about their responsibilities and performance; respect their privacy and do not postpone giving praise; make your employees feel they are part of the system by asking for suggestions or solutions. If you apply these changes consistently, they will reap rewards in the way your workers perform and the way they perceive you. People want to be treated honestly and fairly. Even if there is bad news concerning the company, share that with your employees as soon as possible. Do not let them hear it “on the street.” The proverbial grapevine is very efficient. through the media. The more your employees know they can trust and respect you, the better a company you will have (Sykes. n.d.). “The intrinsic rewards of a project are often more important than the material rewards and recognition.” I think there is more value in trying to “engage” people than reward them (Sky. N.d.). The word “reward” implies a hierarchy and you would not reward a superior. You would not reward a friend. You reward those beneath you and thus a reward is a subtle reminder of their position. If you really want to your staff to put out their best efforts, do not try to do so by buying their enthusiasm. I think it is a mark of a leader to encourage feedback from his reports. Make it an opportunity for exchange of information and ideas and you may be surprised. You may have an employee who thought his opinion
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