How to Prepare Moistened Chicken

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How to Make the Moistest Chicken Chicken is my most favorite item to cook. Any piece dark or white meat puts a smile on my face and belly. The difference in the way one cooks chicken, makes it taste amazing or just alright. My family usually bakes chicken, but on special occasions we have fried chicken. This paper will give clear and concise instructions on how to make the perfect baked whole chicken. The first step in making whole chicken is the necessary ingredients. Go to the grocery store and purchase the biggest whole chicken in the store because it will definitely shrink. A small whole chicken may look very cute, but it will not be enough to feed 4 people. A technique that my family uses to make whole chicken is brining. To make the brine spicy, the following items need to be bought if not at home; cinnamon, cardamom, black peppercorns, dried red peppers, vegetable, chicken stock, and a bag of ice to give the chicken a great flavor. After the ingredients are picked up from the grocery store, there needs to be a place in the kitchen where you can lay all the items bought from the store so they are easily visible. Pull out all the items from the grocery bags and lay them on an open spot. Place the chicken on a cookie sheet so it can be in room temperature if the chicken is frozen. Before the chicken is actually baked, the brine needs to be made. Grab a large pot which is available in the kitchen. Pour in half of the vegetable and chicken stock into the pan. Also, add

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