How to Prevent Chronic Disease Essay

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A statistic from World Health Organization indicates that 60% of deaths are caused by chronic diseases. This is related to the increase of affluence and sedentary lifestyle. If we continue living this lifestyle, it will be easier for us to get the diseases. In this fast pace lifestyle, we are always on the go. We usually choose to eat food without thinking much about the food content but just thinking about filling our stomach. Apart from food consumption factor, family history and polluted surroundings are also the major causes of the chronic diseases. However, there are some key chronic disease prevention steps we can take such as we should practice a healthy lifestyle, perform regular health check and reduce the risk factor from chronic…show more content…
Another way to avoid from getting the chronic disease is perform regular health check. In general we are suggested to have medical examination every one to three years. To explain it more, people who are below 40 years is recommended to have medical examination every three years, while who are over 40 years need it every two year and for every year medical health check is needed for people who are over 50 years. The benefits from the medical check up are we can get updated information about our health condition and also can immediately get the treatment if the disease is proved. This is because an early stage is easy to cure as late detected disease can risk our own life. In addition, if possible we should have our own personal doctor because if there any problems regarding to our health, we can discuss about it directly with the doctor. To add, the personal doctor knows more about our health stage. Then, he can guide us on how to control the disease from getting worse. Finally, the last prevention way is reducing the risk factor from getting the chronic disease. (Dr. Duke Johnson’s, 2009) For example smoking and alcohol can increase the risk factor to get the diseases. As we know, each cigarette contains about 200 chemical compounds that can damages our heart and blood vessels plus the smoke is not only attack the smoker but also people around him. So, we should strictly avoid smoking because it
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