How to Prevent Obesity in Adults and Young Children

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How to Prevent Obesity in Adults and Young Children Obesity is a growing concern in today’s society; however, it is a disease that can be prevented through simple changes in lifestyle. Obesity is defined as being grossly overweight. Benson, J. (2009, August) (p2) in his article states that obesity is a condition that affects individuals of all ages worldwide. There are many contributing factors to being obese, with the main ones being the consumption of junk food, lack of a proper diet and exercise. Huff, E. (2010, Novembers) (p6-p8) states that are several ways to preventing obesity in adults and young children which include; having an active lifestyle, keeping a check on weight, drinking plenty of water, keeping away from junk food,…show more content…
Fruits and vegetables that are high in calories should be avoided such as mangoes. Olstad and McCargar (2009) (p551), claims that obesity in children 30 years ago, was not as evident as it is today among Canadian children of all ages. Poor diets and lack of proper exercise are the leading cause for increased risk of obesity in young children. Parents eating and exercise habits play an important role in the prevention of obesity in young children. Involved
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