How to Pursue the American Dream

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Phung Huynh ENG 111 Out Class Essay #2 Final How to Pursue the American Dream For an immigrant, the American Dream is to achieve economic well-being and a good quality of life through hard work, entrepreneurship, and perseverance. It is the driving force behind most immigration, and its realization is the achievement dimension of the American Dream to reach to the fullest life. What is the American dream? And how can one pursue it? Does it still exist, or is it over? Carl Thomas's article “ Is the American Dream Over?,” states that the American Dream is still around and people have to work hard to achieve it or to reclaim it. Thomas's argument that the government is leading us to a path of economic downfall sheds light…show more content…
Our school systems used to be considered the best in the world, and now that is not true. However, Thomas asserts, “ the rules for achieving the American dream may no longer be taught in and supported by culture, but that doesn't mean they don't work” (570). His hope for reaching the American dream is that if people live with high morals and follow good conduct rules in society like studying hard, going to college and graduate degree, getting married on planning, saving and investing for retirements in right way, and being honest will end up fulfilling one's living dream. He discusses that we need to return to the old methods of good old hard earned prosperity in other to be successful. People need to work for good fortune; it is not just handed to one on a silver platter. Thomas supports Herbert's claim that “ America will never get its act together until we recognize how much trouble we're really in” (570). They both finally agree for one point that people have to acknowledge the obvious realistic life that we are in now. Thomas confirms one more time “ we must also understand what got us here and the path that lead upward. What got us here is unrestrained liberalism” (570). He does not forget to remind us that following on the high moral rules and not laying on the leader too much. Thus, one way of resurrecting the American dream in Herbert's opinion is to establish more jobs so that everyone can have a decent living. Herbert claims
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