How to Read Literature Like a Professor

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines by Thomas C. Foster is a book that explains there is more to literature than just a few words on a paper or a few pages in a book. Thomas Foster’s book portrays a relatable message to a wide based audience. This book is relatable for two reasons, the way it is written and the examples it uses. The book is written in a conversational manner, as if the reader was in a group discussion about books and writing. As for the examples, they are informative, descriptive, relative, and entertaining. All books are based on previous memories. Forster states, “There is no such thing as a wholly original work of literature.” To show this…show more content…
Winter is more one sided with just punishment, lack of growth, and death. Along with all the seasons comes, geography. Fog and heat are most common in low places, along with swamps, fields, and crowds. Snow and ice, things complete opposite from fog and heat are found in high places. The high places can cause illnesses like death and blindness. Blindness is metaphorical, being unable to see reality, love, trust, and many other things. Another illness related to love or symbolizing love is heart disease. Heart disease shows loneliness, disloyalty, cowardice, and bad love or heartbroken.
Through Foster’s many rhetorical devices he provides a knowledgeable guide on how to read literature. The numerous examples he applies allows the readers to have a more thorough understanding. Reading this book can make the experience of reading other books more satisfying, enriching and
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