How to Read Literature Like a Professor Outline Essay

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How To Read Literature Like a Professor Outline Chapter 1 – Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) Main Ideas: To have a quest, a novel must have A knight A dangerous path A holy grail An evil knight A dragon A princess The quest is always educational and provides knowledge of ones self Chapter 2 – Nice To Eat With You: Acts of Communion Main Ideas: It is a communion “Whenever people eat or drink together...” Breaking bread together is an act of sharing and peace There has to be a compelling reason to include a meal scene in the story because they’re typically boring. When we eat, we tend to want to do it with people we are comfortable with. Usually sharing a meal is a common factor that all living…show more content…
We all are descended from gods and the parallel being used shows us that we all can have greatness in all of us, no matter the circumstances. When there are three escaped convicts it could be parallel to the wanderings of Odysseus. Greek and Roman myths often explain natural phenomena, such as, change of seasons (Persephone, Demeter, and Hades) The recognition of myths is important because it makes our experience with literature deeper. Chapter 10 – It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow Main Ideas: Stories need setting it’s essential and you could say that weather is apart of it. Weather is never just weather Sleet is too rare to generalize Rain can associate fear because drowning magnifies fear (us being land creatures). Rain profound this sort. Rain helps in plot because it forces men together in a uncomfortable circumstance. Rain as an atmospheric weather condition can be mysterious, murky, isolating, and miserable and brings on misery. Fog also has the same qualities. Interlude – Does He Mean That? Main Ideas: No one knows for certain what a dead author is eluding. “We can be pretty sure, depending on what they themselves tell us, but in general we make guesses” With hints, evidence, and trace can help understand whats lying behind the text. It doesn’t take a literary genius to do. Chapter 11 - ...More Than It’s Gonna
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