How to Redesign a Classroom to Optimize Learning Experience

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Improving your Learning Experience from this class: i.e., MGT 9700-TR6A(Fall 2010). Assume the Class Room (seating, facility, etc.) to be “The Product” and your Learning Experience (facilitated by me, the Instructor) as “The Service”.

(a) How would you redesign the Class Room (Rm3-125) to materially improve the Service?

The overall learning goal for us students is to grasp what the instructor teaches in class and gain extra knowledge and abilities through class discussion and interaction. To that end, it’s best to study in an optimal learning environment, so as to keep focused in class and avoid distraction from externals.

We pay for the service – our learning experience, hoping to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of
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Additionally, in this way, students will seat together more compactly, facilitating discussion among teachers and students.

Larger Projector Screen and High-tech Handwriting: It would be best to widen the projector screen in this rectangular room. As I mentioned above, for those seat in the sides and rear, it’s hard to recognize some important contents in the slides projected on the screen (e.g. numbers, charts). Enlarging the projector screen would surely enhance the visibility of projector and hence improve our learning experience.
Meanwhile, I noticed that sometimes the handwriting of the professor is hard to read. And those sitting aside couldn’t see the notes in the blackboard clearly. So I recommend that the professor use high-tech product such as the pad or IBM’s tablet-based pen, by which the professor could write on the screen of the laptop and it could then be projected in the blackboard screen. With enlarged screen, the visibility of handwriting could also be enhanced.

Bright Lighting and “Audiovisual Scenario”: We need to add more electrical lights in our classroom and rearrange the light distribution. However, the lights couldn’t be too bright to harm the eyes and result in reflecting. More importantly, we need to consider the illuminance levels according to daylight, glaring and uniformity.
Another thing we need to take into account is the lighting

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