How to Reduce Crime and End Mass Incarceration

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Through being subjected to such programs criminals and potential criminals gain a better understanding of their role in society and of the fact that they need to adopt a lawful attitude in order to experience positive results in life. The fact that they are encouraged to get actively involved in social activities influences individuals in adopting lifestyles that are in accordance with the law. This basically means that potential criminals are unlikely to engage in criminal acts as long as their needs are met and as long as someone provides them with constructive activities that take up most of their time.
Crime can typically be removed from the social order most effectively through preventing it. People virtually need to understand that problems need to be stopped before they actually come to be problems. The Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program is an internationally recognized strategy meant to present young individuals with information regarding the wrongness of living a life dominated by drugs and violence. Individuals responsible for this program have obviously realized that illegal behavior is more likely to emerge when people live in antisocial environments. As a consequence, they devised this program with the purpose of turning children's attention away from crime. As long as the forces that prevent them from adopting…

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