Essay on How to Reduce the Level of Domestic Violence

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One of the most large-scale and complex problems America deals with each year is that of domestic violence. This crime is one which leaves the victim filled with fear, anxiety, and shame; feelings that one should not have to feel. Yet as America progresses through time, no one solution has been proven to significantly reduce the ongoing domestic violence occurrence. However, the potential for lowering the number of domestic violence occurrences is present, but first solutions for reducing this problem have to be found such as the creation of community based programs, increased censorship in television, administering treatment to potential perpetrators, and enforcing more harsh penalties.

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In addition, the community based programs would emphasize the fact that domestic violence is not something witnesses should ignore and view as a private matter within that abused home, but a matter in which should be acted upon. Along with providing information and education of domestic violence in the community there is the possibility of instilling fear within a domestic violence perpetrator. This fear would make the potential perpetrator feel they are in the spotlight because they know that the community’s eyes are watching.

Another possible solution for reducing domestic violence would be to use more censorship on television. Statistics show that children exposed to large amounts of violence, whether fiction or reality, they themselves grow up to be an adult who displays domestic violence characteristics or even commits domestic violence. By removing television shows from time slots that are at high risk of children watching and by censoring out depictions of violence, there will be far less exposure to such acts. This solution does not just reach children but adults as well. Even keeping adults from watching domestic violence on television could potentially reduce the domestic violence adults commit.

Along with removing and censorship of television programs, pubic announcements and commercials could be more frequently played during the prime time hours. These
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