How to Resolve Anger in a Relationship Essay

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Five Ways to Resolve Anger in a Relationship

It is normal for couples to disagree over a few things, but it is not anymore when the argument gets worse. You will know it when one of you starts to yell, hurl insults, cross-complain, blame or make the other feel guilty. Well, better than to throw plates, break glasses or harm the other physically, but still, no good.

Anger in some ways can be good for couples: It signals that something needs fixing in the relationship. It can motivate you to be a better partner, bind the relationship and pave ways for positive changes. However, when handled poorly, it can ruin your relationship and even cause your health problems. Allowing an anger to get out of control will drive one to be heartless and …show more content…

They then need to work together to resolve the problem that caused the problem in the first place.

If one party is still adamant and refusing to cooperate, seek appointment with a marriage or relationship counselor. If it's hopeless holding onto the relationship, then it's breakup or divorce.


When cooler heads reign, then it's time to talk about the problem. Make sure the both of you can communicate safely and express themselves openly. If you find yourself angry about your partner's action/s, don't try to place blame on them. Instead, tell them why you find wrong with their actions and how they caused you pain. Communicate constructively to help your partner understand what you have been through and vice versa.


Do not interrupt when your partner is explaining his side and vice versa. Allow each other to explain their side. Listen carefully. That way, you can get to understand the conflict clearly.

Express only when it's your time to speak out, and reason out according to the points raised by your partner. Do not cross-complain or bring another complaint to respond to their complain. Iron out one complaint a time.

Find a solution and implement it

Once you and your partner have spoken out and found out the cause/s of conflict and anger, it's time to understand what you need from your partner and vice versa as this will determine the kind of solution you both

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