How to Reverse Puerto Rico's Crime Rate

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This paper will explore how Puerto Rico can reverse and reduce their current murder rate. I have developed several recommendations to help the Puerto Rican authority’s achieve this goal. I base my recommendations on research conducted from books like the CIA world Fact Book, Preventing crime: what works for children, offenders, victims, and places, along with other websites, and my own personal experience as a military police officer.

A man lies dead in the streets, blood trickling from his head, he lays motionless as a crowd begins to gather to see what happened. Around the corner on another city street the police are responding to more gunshots, only to arrive on
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Additionally they are strapped with a police system that is plagued with corruption. As stated by Travel Safety Hub some believe the problem is related to a dilemma of “good cop, bad cop” were corrupt police officers profit in the way of bribes form the lucrative drug trade. Just as in the United States Puerto Rico is in a recession, making it even harder for police officers to ignore the temptation more attractive for some easy money. In all 100 local police officers have come under investigation and an additional 75 have been convicted for police corruption since 2003. Fortunately most of the crime has been center around the big cities and it is still safe in the smaller communities. Furthermore

In order to fix this problem in Puerto Rico one of the first things I would do is hire and train a more competent police force. If needed I would completely overhaul the current police academy and structure it so the new officers who were completing training would have the best training, and newest tactics available. If needed I would have those who are going to train the new recruits receive the new training first. This would give the instructors a chance to learn the new material first prior to teaching it, and it would go a long way in establishing their credibility with the new recruits. I would also use current Puerto Rican officers to run
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