How to Run a Focus Group

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How to Run a Focus Group * What is a focus group? A focus group is a small and structured meeting of approximately 8 – 10 people. Discussion revolves around a set of pre-determined topics to give you a set of rich qualitative information. Although focus groups take a while to set up and require a budget to run, once done, they can prove an efficient way of getting detailed information on a subject. Expect a focus group to give you a range of views from your target audience, and to find out why people hold these views. A focus group can take place either before or after your event, depending on what you want to find out. For example, if you want to know what motivates your audience to attend an event you might choose to run a focus…show more content…
Sample tasks: have attendees sign in, distribute any relevant handouts, direct them to refreshments, invite them to be seated Focus group session formally begins Process overview Sample tasks (by researcher or moderator): welcome participants and thank them for attending, review purpose for the session, introduce moderators, provide a brief overview of the focus group process, establish any ground rules to encourage positive participation, have participants briefly introduce themselves Moderator begins focus group questions Session debrief (an opportunity for the moderator to ensure all points have been captured effectively and comprehensively) Sample tasks: highlight key points of discussion, answer any final questions, describe how results will be used, inform participants if (and how) study results will be made available, thank participants for their participation, remain in the room until everyone leaves * Facilitating Session The job of the facilitator is to ensure members stick to the topic, to ensure the session is productive and enjoyable for all. The facilitator :- must not contribute to the discussion- brings the group back to the objective of the meeting- deals with dysfunctional behavior so that everyone contributes to the discussion- should summarize at the end
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