How to Save the Spirit of Nationalism

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Nationalism is the love for one's country and the willingness to defend it. Wars, though harmful, faster a spirit of unitary among the people. The moment there is a threat to the nation from an enemy, the patriotic feelings of the people are aroused. Nationalism inspires the people for the noble deeds. A social reformer, an ideal statesman are all patriots in the true sense of the term. Nationalist rejoice in the glory of their country. It nurtures fellow feeling and brotherhood among the people. Terrorists commit acts of barbarism in the name of nationalism. Man's aggressive instinct against enemy nations is a regrettable fact. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights work for the protection of human rights globally. it is hoped…show more content…
Women contributed their jewelry to the Nation Defence Fund. Thus, people from all parts of India got united just like members of a family. Nationalism is one of the noblest virtues. It unites the people of a country against the common enemy. It inspires the people for noble deeds. Love for one's country means a regard for the country's welfare. A social reformer is also a patriot. He attempts to eradicate the social problems of a country. He fights against vested interests, traditions and customs. A person who is settled abroad longs for his homeland, that is another form of nationalism. He can never forget his home. In his dreams, he roams in his native land. Once who faithfully discharges one's civic duties and obeys the law of the land is also a patriot. He is always on the side of righteousness and order. Nationalist rejoice in the glory of their country. When India wins cricket matches, people from all parts of country burn fire crackers and distribute sweets. Victories in the international sports or beauty contests delight all the citizens. In nurtures fellow feeling and brotherhood among the people. it is also a source of inspiration those who aim to achieve the same. Many terrorist outfits, in the name of nationalism, train youngsters to follow the wrong path killing and destruction. The Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli retaliation in the Middle East is often attributed to patriotism. Dropping of atom bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima was an
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