How to Say I Am Sorry in English and Vietnamese

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Subject: Cross-cultural communication CULTURAL COMPARISON OF SAYING “I’M SORRY” BETWEEN AMERICAN AND VIETNAMESE OUTLINE Sorry is one of the most popular phrases in American English. Americans say “sorry” as an everyday idiom while Vietnamese rarely say “xin lỗi”. In American culture, the phrase “I’m sorry” doesn’t only refer to an apology but also express a lot of other meanings such as: sympathy, politeness and so on. Because of the limitation of time, we just refer to the habit of saying “sorry” of American and Vietnamese as an act of verbal communication. A. Saying “sorry” - an apology. I. Differences in cultural aspects: The differences in the frequency of saying “sorry” as an apology result from…show more content…
|- Em xin lỗi, hôm nay tắc đường quá | |Promising of forbearance |- I promise you that that will never happen|- Con hứa sẽ không bao giờ phạm lỗi nữa | | |again | | |Expressing emotion |- Oh (I’m sorry) |- Ôi tớ xin lỗi | |Self denigration |- How silly of me |- Tôi thật đoảng quá | |Minimizing the degree of the offense |- I doesn’t mean to do that |- Tôi không cố ý đâu | |Combining more than one strategy |- I’m sorry. How silly of me, let me pay |- Tôi xin lỗi, tôi thật đoảng quá, để tôi đền cho| | |for the damage I’ve done. |bạn cái khác nhá | |
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