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Natalie Crusan 4-23-2013 White Ag Econ 410 Natalie Crusan 4-23-2013 White Ag Econ 410 “How To Sell Anything to Anybody” By Joe Girard “Salesmen are made, not born. If I did it, you can do it. I guarantee it “ says Mr. Joe Girard . 
On January 1st 1978, Joe Girard quit selling cars. During his fifteen years of selling Cars (1963 – 1977) he sold 13001 cars at retail. Most of his time is now spent in writing books and columns, giving lectures, sales rallies and consulting. In this book the author describes his own life experience of how he became the number one salesman in the world! Girard makes selling seem simple, although not everyone would have the…show more content…
Another thing he does that I think I would utilize really well is maybe skipping a day if I need to, there’s a lot of times where I’ll be in a horrible mood and someone wants to come out to the farm and see a horse and I know I’m crabby and even if I make a sale that day – I know I didn’t do my best and that’s what my potential customers deserve whether it’s with livestock or anything that I’m going to sell. He also talks about working smart, not just hard. To me that’s incredibly valuable, as you can work really hard at something, but it’s not always good enough and the more help you have to be smart the better your business will be. To be honest, a lot of this stuff to me is just common sense BUT the majority of people in sales don’t stick to that relationship type of selling that I think really makes or breaks a salesman. You can have a low paying customer come in and bug you non stop but if you bend over backwards for that person and they refer a high paying client to you. Then wasn’t that just worth the headache of dealing with Mr. Obnoxious the last 4 months? Another thing that I think I’ll use is not running from issues that my customers end up with. I would rather put forth more effort into keeping someone happy and having them stick with me then selling them on something and then just high tailing it in the opposite direction. A lot of people do that and I think keeping that relationship and reputation

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