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Ivani Franciska Monday & Wednesday 10.30-12.40 How to Shop, Sell and Save at Poshmark Poshmark is an application that allows you to buy and sell fashion. It’s like the Craigslist of fashion. Poshmark connects you with many people and allow you to shop their closet. If you have a bunch of clothes that you do not wear, you can use Poshmark to sell items from your closet. Poshmark allows you to sell accessories, shoes, dresses, tops, bags, jewelries, pants and so much more. Until now, Poshmark can be used only in IPhone, IPod Touch and Ipad. You can download it on the ITunes app store for free. The Poshmark app is currently only available in the US. If you don’t have IPhone, IPod Touch or Ipad, you can also shop directly from…show more content…
If the buyer failed to give the proof in 3 days, Poshmark will ignore the buyer’s complain and release the earnings to the seller. Poshmark will assume the buyer have accepted their order if Poshmark don’t hear from the buyer 3 days after receipt of your order. After that, sellers will receive their payment and they can choose whether they wants to transfer the earnings to their bank account or they can withdraw the money as cash whenever they like. Poshmark gets 20% commission fee of each items that you sell. The remaining 80% is deposited to the seller’s Poshmark account. For example: You list a $50 shoes on Poshmark. When the items sells, $40 will be deposited into your Poshmark account and you can choose whether you want to transfer it to your bank account or you can also withdraw it whenever you like. Members can participate in real time shopping events called Posh Parties, which are scheduled frequently and accessed via the Poshmark app. In Posh Parties, fashion lovers meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, sell clothing and accessories. Posh Parties featured bloggers, boutique owners, and other amazing fashion lovers across the country. At these Posh Parties, you get to shop their closet! Each party has their own theme, making it easier for sellers to market their products and for buyers to find a specific item. You can check out the list of

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