How to Shoot a Jump Shot

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How to Shoot a Jump Shot
Although some people are born naturally athletic, most people are taught the fundamentals of basketball at a young age and continue to practice these fundamentals as they get older. One of the basic assets to becoming a successful, well rounded basketball player is being able to shoot a jump shot. A jump shot is a shot in which a player jumps into the air and shoots the ball at the basket with one or both hands ( Ken Sailors, 1943 National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) most valuable player, is credited as the inventor of the jump shot, offering his first attempt in 1934 (Freeman). Before Sailors, players would
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Your left hand should be at the side of ball at a nine o’clock position for right hand shooters and is only there to support and guide your shot. For left hand shooters you would use the opposite hand and put your right hand on the side of the ball. Everyone has a different comfort level when holding the ball so you have to figure out what works best for you. You want to hold the ball with two hands, with your shooting thumb facing upward at a 45 degree angle, which will allow you to extend your elbow when you shoot. Your elbow should be at a 90 degree angle in the shape of a backwards “L”. You want to keep your elbow close to your chest and in front of your body. Hold the ball in your finger tips, not in your palms; otherwise you will have no strength in your shot. After you have caught the ball, you have to set yourself up before you shoot. Place your feet shoulder width apart, approximately 12” to 18” inches, depending on how tall you are, and face them toward the basket. Keep your head straight toward the hoop and try not to move it around or you will be off-balance. Position the ball between your left eye and right shoulder. Make sure the ball is high enough to keep it away from the reach of the defender so you will not get blocked when you shoot. You need enough space to see the hoop and if there are any defenders near you. Take a deep breath and count to three before you shoot the ball so you do not
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