How to Show Empathy

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How to Show Empathy
You are talking to someone, and suddenly he/she tells you something emotional, such as "I just lost my job." How do you respond? Respond with empathy, and you will greatly improve your relationship with the other person. But respond as if you do not really care, you could ruin the relationship. Empathy, literally "in feeling", is the capability to appreciate, understand, and accept another person 's emotions.[1] Showing empathy genuinely is one of the most important interpersonal skills that anyone must master.



Listen attentively to what the other person is saying. This will allow you to absorb
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Validating others ' emotions helps to convey acceptance and respect for their emotional experiences.
For effective nonverbal communications, appropriate body posture, body movements, caring facial expression, and a gentle, comforting tone are very important. Touch is also very powerful if used appropriately.
Being really empathic is simply imagining how you would feel if you were in the other person 's place. If you can really picture it, your reactions should come naturally
Offering personal support goes beyond words to convey willingness to help. Engaging the other person in a partnership promotes a sense of collaboration, so that the other person can feel part of the solution and that you can be there to help.
Make sure you practice this as much as possible to really get it down. This should eventually become second-nature.
Reflecting upon what others just said helps to encourage them to talk more about their feelings.

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Make sure you show empathy genuinely. The other person can see through insincerity and your relationship thereof would come to an end.
Do not tell the person what he or she should have done or should do. Often he or she already knows this.
Avoid "why" questions. Sometimes this comes across as accusatory.
Don 't be discouraged if you don 't do it right the first few times. Like anything
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