How to Spark Ethical Change in an Adverse Environment Essay example

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Ethical Decision Making in A Global Environment:
How to Spark Ethical Change in an Adverse Environment
Ethical Decision-making in Business
Final Exam

The ability to make complex ethical decisions is a crucial skill that must be possessed by managers, especially those who work for global corporations. Doing business internationally provides additional challenges to managers due to cultural differences and increased competition from companies that may possess different ethical standards. The case “This Whole System Seems Wrong: Felipe Montez and Concerns about the Global Supply Chain” provides an excellent example of this dilemma. This paper will analyze, in detail, a specific ethical situation facing Felipe Montez, the Purchasing
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Next, the owners of these poorly-ran facilities would be forced to change practices, or be subject to penalty for employing children. Lastly, the children employees are subject to health problems, abuse and would benefit greatly if conditions are improved. However, there are others that are secondarily affected by any changes in the factory’s operations. The families of the working children depend on the income they earn and shareholders in Felipe’s company would likely suffer poor returns in the event of price increases or drops in share price. Also, the regulatory agencies responsible for controlling child labor issues would take an active role in ensuring change in these factories.
Evaluating the Consequences Knowing the affected parties enables Felipe to make a more informed decision to deal with the ethical issue, however the most difficult task is evaluating the outcome of any decision he must make, or evaluating why he must make a certain decision. One approach to take in evaluating this issue is a Consequentialist approach. One consequentialist approach, and the most widely used, is Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism makes it a point to follow a decision that provides the greatest good for the greatest number of stakeholders (Ch 4 Powerpoint, 2010). In order to do evaluate the situation in this context, Felipe must first determine the positive and negative outcomes for the parties involved. Second, he must be able to predict what
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