How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business

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How to Start a Water Refilling Station Business It’s easy to start with this kind of business, here’s the procedures how: 1. Look for a supplier or seller of water refilling equipments and ask for the price list of different equipments that you can choose, if possible, ask for the feasibility study too to know how much the cost or total investment needed to put-up this type of business. 2. After studying the quotations and the total cost which you think is enough for your budget or capital, then you can start negotiating with the supplier. Ask for discounts and know the after-sales support you can get from them like maintenance and warranty. Don’t go for cheap equipments as this will not be worth in the long run. Always compare and check…show more content…
13. Wait for the result of water testing. If it passed, then good luck and welcome to the club! If it failed the test, call immediately the one who installed your equipments and let them check and analyze why. Other Frequently Ask Questions Q: What are the different types of water you can sell? A: There are four types of water that can be produced from the available equipments in the market today. 1. Mineral Water = Less investment but the disadvantage is shorter shelf life. 2. Purified Water = Equipments are more expensive that Mineral process with the use of “Reversed Osmosis system”, the water will last up to 6 months. 3. Alkaline Water = Current fad because of positive write-ups about health benefits for people, but like mineral water, the shelf life is short. 4. PI Water = Started from Japan, known to have good effects in people’s health but it’s still quite expensive and not that popular in the Philippines. The customers are mostly Chinese. The selling price is about P200 to P250 per container (5gal.) Q: What is the best source of water, Nawasa or deep well? A: Either of the two is fine, but deep well will give you a long term savings compared to Nawasa’s costly monthly charge for commercial use. Q: How many personnel is required to run a water station? A: At first, 3 is enough, 1 driver, 1 helper and 1 refiller/washer. The number of personnel is relative to the demand of your products. Q: What are the

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