How to Succeed in the Workplace

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Do you remember the stress caused by anxiety about a new job? Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker that you did not know how to address? Has your spouse had to listen to your complaints about the lack of communication at your work place? Do you have apprehension regarding working in or speaking to groups of co-workers and supervisors? Most importantly, do you have trouble finding a good balance between your professional and social life? If so, you are like many people who are lacking confidence in their ability to succeed in the work place. In order to thrive in the workforce one should prepare for success, know the fundamentals of communication, have the ability to work in groups, understand the roles of leaders, and be…show more content…
We all have environments in our lives with diversity. However, in the workplace we must be able to work past these differences to maintain productivity. Having cultural sensitivity, “an awareness of and willingness to investigate the reasons why people of another culture act as they do (DuBrin 273),” will enable you to deal with such differences. Make sure not to stereotype or be disrespectful to co-workers. If in a situation with language barriers, be sure to speak slowly and clearly in order to transcend an accurate depiction of your message (DuBrin 274). Do not let superficial factors affect you (DuBrin 274). Try to understand not just agree. Differences in values can otherwise lead to conflict (DuBrin 274). One proponent, which many forget about in reference to communication in the work place, is electronic messages. It is important not only to utilize such tools as email and instant messaging but also to know proper etiquette in doing so. If you are unprofessional in your mannerism while sending email, it still reflects back on you. Do not communicate only by email, as this can get overwhelming due to mass amounts of email that many receive (DuBrin 271). In addition, do not replace face-to-face discussions involving conflict with email. Nor should you send heated messages through email.
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