How to Survive on the Paycheck of a Fastfood Worker Essay

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Quick Service Restaurants have been serving swift and tasty meals since the 1930’s. The industry focuses on a high speed product with a low cost for the satisfying convenience of the valued customer. Behind every commercial, smiling employees serve their customers as they cheerfully claim to adore their job, famous logos line highways that serve as a friendly reminder of the familiar, and “now-hiring” signs deck the interior of hundreds of restaurants that beckon it’s beholders to become part of the great family that is the fast food industry. In fact, to the common eye, the industry seems optimistic, a venue of opportunity – at least for the meanwhile – and an environment of simplistic means. Hardly ever do you hear about the costs of…show more content…
The University of California and the University of Illinois’ labor economists have recently held a research study on low wages and benefits in the fast food industry that “makes a strong case that fast-food jobs are possibly the worst in America, based on the percentage of workers who turn to a mix of federal and state welfare programs” (Steven Rosenfeld). Upon hundreds of studies, society cannot deny the inevitable conclusion that fast food is not a healthy option. Though affordable and quick, it does not benefit the body with a positive outcome. In the world today, the public has faced its largest ongoing battle against the rising tide of obesity. One would not think that fast food workers consider themselves to be harming the public by serving the very product that may lead to the death of a customer, but shockingly a little over 40 percent of fast-food workers believe that their jobs are harming the world. “Extrapolating from the PayScale data, that’s 1,645,00 people who think their jobs are making the world worse” (Clair Gordon), as of the year 2012 that is. While most every human desires a venue of work that will help make the world a better place it is disturbing to realize that over a million people have settled
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