How to Take Care of your Hose Essay

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Most people with horses like to turn their animals out during the spring and summer months which has a lot of advantages but also may have some disadvantages that people must be aware of. Those lighter coloured hores and particularily horses with flesh marks such as cremellos are prone to sunburn which can cause a lot of unnecessary pain to the horse this can be prevented by applying a equine sun cream and ensuring your horse has shelter from the sun. horses also get very irritated by flies and horses attract them so again adequate shelter is necessary also fly repellents and fly buster rugs give them adequate relief at a low cost.

Horses drink a lot of water and need water even more than food so it is vital that there is a constant supply of clean fresh water available for your horse,

Ensure that your pasture is free from anything that may harm the horse such as wire, metal rubbish etc. and adequate fencing is in place to prevent the horse from injury eg post and rail.

Ensure that the grass is not too lush for horses as this could cause colic or laminitis.When having a overweight horse or pony at grass the first thing you must do is increase its exercise to help burn calories and use up more energy. Don’t start doing a large amount of work everyday as you could strain your pony begin slowly and do more and more everyday. Get rid of any supplements such as high calorie feed good doers do not require them. Do not allow the pony to eat lush grass as this will increase the…

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