How to Talk to a Hunter

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Lara Docarmo Professor Krista Keyes English 1020 06/20/2016 Word Count: 916 An Analysis of Pam Houston’s “How to Talk to a Hunter” Pam Houston’s “How to Talk to a Hunter” shows the different ways men and women think and act. How both men and women interpret and make sense of things differently. Just like any relationship, there comes a time where ends don’t meet. In this particular story, the hunter and the narrator have a hard time understanding each other, or more specifically, the narrator understanding the hunter. Whether it be his language, preferences, or actions, the narrator has a difficult time figuring out what he wants from her and if he is actually genuine. The narrator…show more content…
Several readers can most likely think back to a time where they felt jealousy or hate. These emotions are very powerful and allowing the reader to experience that in this story lets them completely become the narrator. At this point, the narrator is starting to understand that maybe, just maybe, the hunter is not on the same page as her. Through symbolism, Pam Houston helps bring deeper meaning to everyday items or animals. On page 18, the narrator almost becomes animalistic. “In your kitchen he’ll hug you like you might both die there. Sniff him for coyote. Don’t hug him back”. The coyote symbolizes Patty, the hunter’s other woman. This is not the only time the narrator uses animals to symbolize the people around her. When the narrator wakes up to chocolates in her pillow, she says that she will “Examine each carefully made truffle. Feed them, one at a time, to the dog” (Houston 17). Here the narrator seems to be referring to the dog as the hunter and possibly killing him with the chocolate. What seems to be like a sweet gesture, the narrator continues to question the hunter’s actions. She continues to possibly misinterpret the hunter. Without imagery, the point of view would be quite bland. The use of descriptive language helps the reader fully engulf the narrator’s surroundings and feelings. Together with the hunter, “A week before Christmas you’ll rent It’s a Wonderful Life and watch it together, curled on your
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