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How to Tell That You Are in a Non-Date Kind of Date
In this modern world, it is somehow difficult to determine if you are on a romantic date or a non-date date.
A lot of women have a hard time in defining if they are going out with a guy on a romantic way or if the date that they are having is just a purely platonic date.
Sometimes, dates are actually a non-date, and if you are expecting to get swept off of your feet as the night ends, then you are in for a huge disappointment.
A typical non-date situation is when that smart and hunky accountant in your office whom you have been crushing on for as long as you remember invited you out for drinks only to realize that he invited everyone in your department.
A group date where you do not
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It is, instead, a group partying at a new bar.
Moreover, if the group date is turning into an actual group party, then your chances for it to become a romantic date is close to zero. Remember that a group date can still be a date if he singles you out from the crowd and talks to you and will not leave you alone for the whole night.
It can still be a romantic date if he stays close to you the whole time and will not let any guy steal your attention from him. But sadly, when you go out in groups, there is really little chance for you to make him know that you are someone he can date romantically.

When He Tells You that You Are Going Out as Friends
Was there ever a time when your crush asked you to go out with him for coffee as friends? That sucks big time right? However, the best and surest way to know that you are going out on a non-date is when he tells you that you are only going out on a date as friends.
Remember that a non-date date is all face time with no commitment. Sometimes it is really difficult to know if he is into you or not, but when he starts telling you out loud during your date how you should finally meet “The One,” it is definitely a clear sign that you are on a non-date date.
Another way to tell that you are having coffee in a non-romantic way is when he starts giving his eye view on dating and

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