How to Tell a True War Story

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Nyameer Puok Essay 2 Section 01B How to Tell a True War Story We have all heard the stories that our parents tell in order to prove a point. One example is the “I walked 10 miles over snowy hills to get to school” or one of my favorites, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” These stories or statements try to convey a truth. The only problem is that while a parent sees it one way, his or her child does not. Even if the parent had walked to school 10 miles over hills every day in snow or god-forbid had friends who jumped off cliffs, his or her child may not have the same experience. In short, a relationship to an experience affects what truth is seen by the listener and storyteller. In Tim O’Brien’s “How to Tell a True War…show more content…
Since junior year, I had been section leader of the low brass and woodwind section. My high school had just gone through the transition of losing a music teacher and gaining a recently graduated band director. This of course was a recipe for disaster. My “friend” Field was the drum major. She wasn’t a very good leader of the band and we often butted heads on how she should lead. While I admit it was not my place to say how she should run things, I had a very clear and set way of how to lead. I had been utilizing this since the end of sophomore year and thought that it wouldn’t be that difficult. But I digress. The band was having difficulty with setting charts. The drum majors, counting out Field, and the other section leaders were itching to have a night rehearsal. Eventually the new band director, Mr. Watson, agreed to initiate a night rehearsal. Everyone in the band had already had their nerves on end. Our marching show was not yet placed on the field, plus the vast majority of the band did not have their music memorized. Mind you, we had the looming cloud of state competition which was only four weeks away at this time. For some reason, the trombone section leader wasn’t present at rehearsal. Mr. Watson put me in charge of the trombones, until he could verify why their section leader wasn’t available. While doing roll call and checking that everyone had his or her supplies (marching shoes, charts, music, etc.),
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