How to Tell a True War Story vs. Soldier's Home Essay

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Many authors have written war stories and about the effects of war on a person. Two of these writers are Tim O'Brian and Ernest Hemingway. O'Brian wrote "How to Tell a True War Story"; and Hemingway wrote a short story called "Soldier's Home". Both of these stories illustrate to the reader just what war can do to an average person and what, during war, made the person change. The stories are alike in many respects due to the fact that both authors served time in the army; O'Brian in the Vietnam War and Hemingway in WWI. However, the stories do have differences due to the slightly different themes and also the different writing techniques of the authors. The stories are alike more than different because they both involve young men…show more content…
However, there are noticeable differences the reader can observe when comparing the two stories. The most prevalent difference is a consequence of the writers choosing to focus on different aspects of a soldier. Hemingway uses Krebs to show what a dramatic effect war can have on someone. He focuses on what war can do to a person; while O'Brian tends to use graphic details and explanations of what would turn a man into the veteran Krebs. A great example of this is the title itself of Hemingway's story. "Soldier's Home" is representative of the home in which Krebs comes back to and what it is like after his return. O'Brian, however, uses gory stories like the one about the V.C. water buffalo to describe how the men felt during war and what impact the event had on the active soldiers. His idea is more of telling a war story, and also has a fitting title; "How to Tell a True War Story." One might say that O'Brian focuses more on telling what happens during war and Hemingway's story is about how the events impact the soldiers once they assimilate back into society.
Overall, these are two great stories that give the reader a better idea of what war can and most likely will do to a person. Although there are differences, the similarities are

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