How to Train Search and Rescue Dog Essay

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Training a Search and Rescue Dog If you have had the opportunity to watch a search and rescue dog in action, you can’t help but to be impressed with the intelligence and drive they display. I have had the opportunity to watch search and rescue dogs in actions while I was deployed in Iraq, we worked hand and hand with the K-9 handlers on the Entry Control Points in Baghdad. The best experience I have had with working with Search and Rescue dogs would be in my own backyard, working with my wife Heather, she has trained Search and Rescue dogs for local Law enforcement Departments. The process of taking a puppy to a mature search and rescue dog, who can move with silent commands, in and out of area they are searching, only to disappear…show more content…
Once you selected the breed and sex, it is important to a find canine with the right mentality. They should be eager to please, posses large amount of energy and “Ball Drive”. The term “Ball Drive”, simply means that they enjoy playing with toys such as a tennis ball, a tug rope, etc. This is used later in there training as an award, when they find the object they are looking for. It is best to start with a puppy because you can start bonding with one and another, this is a very important step in trust and handler focus. The better bond you have with your dog, the more successive you will be in training. Once your puppy reaches the age of 6 months you can start them off lightly in search and rescue training. One of the first steps, in training is called ‘Runaway”, this requires the help of another person. The assistant should have placed the dog in sit position while holding the collar. The owner will come around to front of the dog and begin praising the dog, by saying “Good Boy” and rubbing the face of the dog. This process is building the drive of the dog by exciting it with much praise causing “positive frustration”. Once the dog begins to show drive and excitement, this is when the owners turns and runs about 15 -20 feet and drops to the ground. Once the assistance sees that owner has dropped to the ground, the assistant will in a loud command voice say “Find” with an upward arm movement and

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