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Statistics – Lab Week 2 Math221 Statistical Concepts: * Using MINITAB * Graphics * Shapes of Distributions * Descriptive Statistics * Empirical Rule Data in MINITAB * MINITAB is a powerful, yet user-friendly, data analysis software package. You can launch MINITAB by finding the icon and double clicking on it. After a moment you will see two windows, the Session Window in the top half of the screen and the Worksheet or Data Window in the bottom half. * Data have already been formatted and entered into a MINITAB worksheet. Go to the eCollege Doc sharing site to download this data file. The names of each variable from the survey are in the first row of the Worksheet. This row has a background color of…show more content…
Copy and paste the graph here. Stem-and-Leaf Display: Money Stem-and-leaf of Money N = 20Leaf Unit = 1.0 9 0 124456667(3) 1 249 8 2 128 5 3 03 3 4 27 1 5 2 | Calculating Descriptive Statistics 4. Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable Height by Gender – Pull up Stat > Basic Statistics > Display Descriptive Statistics and set Variables: to Height. Check By variable: and enter Gender into this text box. Click OK. Type the mean and the standard deviation for both males and females in the space below this question. | Mean | Standard deviation | Females | 67.273 | 2.533 | Males | 69.78 | 4.21 | * Select File > Save Worksheet As to save the data set. You must either keep a copy of this data or download it again off the web site for future labs. Short Answer Writing Assignment All answers should be complete sentences. 5. What is the most common color of car for students who participated in this survey? Explain how you arrived at your answer. The common color of a car between students is blue and silver. By averaging, it looks to be that blue and silver both have a 25% rating according to the data as shown in the graph which both make up half of the pie chart. | 6. What is seen in the histogram created for the heights of students in this class (include the shape)? Explain your answer. The 69-71 inch range is the high point with 7 total students in

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