How to Work in Singapore

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Wondering how to acquire an employment pass for a company in Singapore? Here are the some ways you can do so.
Generally, EP (Employment Pass) is a kind of pass usually issued to professional employees, foreign directors, and managers who are planning to work in Singapore.
Likewise, an Employment Pass holder is not qualified for a levy or CPF (Central Provident Fund), and the pass being issued is only valid for 1-2 years and should be renewed after. One of the many benefits of acquiring this is it allows the applicant to work, stay, and travel in Singapore without the need to apply for a VISA just to enter the country.
For those who are planning to set up a company in Singapore, they could opt for an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore prior to moving there.
Though, it could be more cumbersome when it comes to the renewal of an Entrepreneur Pass Singapore after some time.
In order to be certain, check out the criteria when applying for an Entrepreneur Pass:
The following are the fees scheduled for application of the Employment Pass:
 Initial Processing Fees: S$850 (non-refundable processing fees)
 MOM License: 06C3628
 Extra Approval Fees: S$1500 (The approval fees given after the approval of the Employment Pass Singapore, which is the receipt of IPA Employment Pass Singapore). Though, the medical check-up fees are not included.

The Criteria for Singapore Employment Pass:
With effect on 1 July 2011, every applicant of an Employment Pass must have a fixed salary not less that
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