How to Write a Good Personal Statement

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Personal statement They want to know that im diverse They want to know im responsible They want to know that I can be an instructor and a supervise a living or day group We also lead activities, athletics and discussion groups, lead students on off campus trips Instructor position is a three time job teacher and advisor and leader. Office manager : Office Managers work closely with the Main Office Director to ensure the smooth operation of the Main Office. Office Managers supervise office staff who assist with various office tasks, including answering phones, interacting with parents and students, maintaining the lost and found, distributing messages and faxes, facilitating student checkin and check-out, and keeping the Main Office…show more content…
I want to be just like her if I were chosen to teach at Explo. Diversity Explo Is a very diverse Summer camp, It surely has students from a wide range of countries. I believe that I am a diverse Person because I grew up in a school which was privileged with teachers and students from all over the world. I enjoyed learning about their culture as well as sharing mine. I was a very active student throughout my years in high school. I traveled to so many countries such as Syria, Dubai and Lebanon and I enjoyed every bit of interacting and befriending everyone I came into contact with. I chose to attend Bentley University and leave my friends and family because It is a diverse Campus filled with so many nationalities. I never felt homesick here at Bentley because I bonded with so many different people and we were there for each other at all times. I learned that we should all accept each other and share our culture with one another. I lived last year and continue to live in the global living center in Bentley University this year. My direct roommate is from Denmark, and the three other roommates are from India, Latin America and United states. I believe that my education at Bentley wouldn’t be complete without this diverse community I’m surrounded with. I would love to supervise a group of young kids and teach them to make the most out of Explo just like I am making the most
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