How to Write a Proposel to a Marketing Firm for Advertising

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1.0 Project details
Tuesday, 12 June, 2012
Company name: Omnicom Group
Brand name: Bing coffee
Campaign Name: Good to the last Drop
Other agencies: JWT and WPP Group
2.0 Overview and present Situation
Bing! Coffee is a coffee shop based on a modern concept of classic and contemporary styles of the East and West. Established in 2004, Bing! Coffee introduces its warm, cosy, chic and spacious atmosphere, Bing! with its fine gourmet coffee only with lily beans, transformed it to the hot coffee and chocolate yet more into the cold beverages e.g. tiramisu latte, caffe latte, white mocca latter caramel latte, tiramisu latte, and some smoothies and various homemade cakes specialty such as Panini, Bambini, Lasagne, and Classic Tuna Baked.
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This involves a detailed and objective analysis of a company’s organization and its ability to maximize its strengths and market opportunities. Companies can use this to determine what opportunities they have gained through the marketing campaign.
5.0 Target market
Bing! Coffee targets have three different target markets which are;
Bing! Coffee’s primary target market is men and women aged 25 to 40. They account to majority of the sales of Bing! Coffee. Bing! Coffee appeal to this consumer age group through hip, contemporary design that is consistent in its advertising and decor, and working to keep its products current as status symbols. Customers tend to be urbanites with relatively high income, professional careers and a focus on social welfare. Young adults
Young adults, aged 18 to 24, they account to the second highest of the sale of the coffee shop. Bing! Coffee positions itself as a place where college and University students can hang out, study, write term papers and meet people. Bing! Coffee appeals to this consumer directly through introducing technology as soon as it come available, focusing on social networking and actively cultivating a “cool” image.
Kids and Teens
Kids and teens are also a target audience of Bing! Coffee, though most items for kids are purchased by the parents. Whether the focus is on

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