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14 Applications, supporting statements and personal statements

Applications – the basics

(Givens: to really take seriously, work on a photocopy/sheet of paper first, keep a copy of what has been sent, complete in black biro)

• Do not scatter-gun. Decide on a direction and stick at it. • Put in your best effort – they WILL notice if you don’t. • ‘Full’ or ‘complete’ details means what it says. Where it doesn’t, you may have licence to pick and choose. • Personal/supporting statements on application forms: these are not optional - they are important:

Writing supporting statements on application forms

Pay attention to the introductory sentence: If you are told that the statement …show more content…

All areas of the course included written work, |
|including model reports. The placement at Crabbs was followed by an evaluation report. This was |
|presented to the student group; other presentations for which I was responsible included a talk on|
|the relevance of international economic trends for the citizens of Hammersmith. This included |
|use of an overhead projector. |

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