How to Write an Argument Essay

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How to Write an Argument Essay There are five main steps. Step 1: Read the essay Read the question. Decide what kind of essay it is - opinion, compare/contrast, problem and solution, cause and effect, or a mixture. The type of question will decide the layout and your ideas. Step 2: Underline Underline key vocabulary in the question and write words with the same or related meaning. This will really save you a lot of time later on. It will also help to avoid repetition of words, and will show that you understand the question. Vocabulary 1: Read and Underline Key Words Should governments spend money on space exploration, or should they spend the money on problems here first? 2: Write Down Other Words with the Same Meaning…show more content…
| |Seven/eight sentences |Argument 1 or Reason 1 | | |Example, Explanation, or supporting detail | | | | | | | | |Argument 2 or Reason 2 | | |Example, Explanation, or supporting detail | | |Argument 3 or Reason 3 | | |Example, Explanation, or supporting detail | | |Summary sentence for Para 2 | |Paragraph 3 |Topic Sentence
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