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How to write a good CV step by step

How to write a good CV – step by step

If you are a foreign student and you want to get an internship, a student job or work in Denmark after graduation, it is important that you learn how to write a good CV. The competition on the job market is high, and you need to stand out in order to get a job interview.

The classic chronological CV When you start writing a chronological CV, you start listing your competences in a reverse chronological order. You put the newest up front because your future employer is most interested in those. Keep in mind that the CV should be interesting to read in order to catch the employer’s attention. Therefore, it is a good idea to mention the experiences, both academic
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I wrote my master’s thesis together with Randers Municipality where I analyzed management of the economy in the public social sector, with focus on the challenges due to the economic crisis and budget cut downs. My student job in my dormitory where I was responsible for balancing the books has also given me practical insight in working with budgets. I have great social skills with a good sense of humor. I became a father 6 months ago which also gave some new perspective to life and my values.

2011-2006: MSc in Business Economics from Aalborg University Avg. 9.5 Aalborg University distinguishes itself with its problem based learning and case study methods, creating analytical, innovative and process oriented mindset. My role in project work has often been goal oriented, however also focus on the details. Projects:  9th semester: Cooperation between business XX (write the name of business and area if the business is abroad on fairly unknown). An analysis of the


How to write a good CV – step by step

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management’s strategic economic possibilities when working together with public business. o Skills: practical experience, strategic management skills, public economy. Reference: Professor XXX, Aalborg University, email: XXXX 8th semester (elaborate) 6th semester (elaborate)

Courses: Organization, economic
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