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The written word is a robust contrivance that has been used for thousands of years to endow knowledge and emotion upon its audiences. Academic writing is one of the many different types of writing. Academic writing conveys different formalities of writing when compared to a basicity that is Personal writing. Academic writing needs a more organized, formal structure whilst using attire such as in-text citations and references to backup information presented within the script. Academic writing also deals with basal theories and causes ascendant processes and practices in ones everyday life, as well as exploring alternative substitutes for these events according too author Jagg Xaxx. The following is a reflection on my own academic essay…show more content…
However, though that may seem positive, I have understood that I have also had many flaws and weaknesses whilst writing my essay, which I had not kept in mind during its writing process. Firstly, I have a weakness in citing and using references to support the information I had implied within my work piece. Also, another weakness found is that whilst writing my essay, I tend to go for into my thinking stream and write up long sentences that in the finalized version of the essay need to be shortened. The biggest flaw however according to the lecturer is “that it had no supporting references on research to back up any of the arguments you were making – which made it less scientific and seemed more based on your intuition”. The comments received from the tutor where completely expected as I have had difficulties understanding the process of in-text citations and also due to forgetting to input a reference page towards the end of my essay. In total, my essay writing skills would be much better and a greater mark would have been awarded if these mistakes where avoided before the final submission of the essay; these flaws where all due to poor organization.

The assessment and feedback of my work was all mentioned throughout my write up process. The negative feedback related to missed out parts of my process which where not taken as important whilst writing my final piece. The feedback however does not

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