How to Write an Extended Business Studies Response Essay

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How to write an extended response – Section IV of HSC Exam Question: Outline the marketing process and explain the importance of each element of the marketing plan. |

In your answer you will be assessed on how well you: * demonstrate knowledge and understanding relevant to the question * apply relevant business case study/studies and contemporary business issues * communicate using relevant business terminology and concepts * present a sustained, logical and cohesive response

Remember an extended response is a structured essay not a business report with an executive summary and dot points throughout. Suggested word limit: 800 words.
Before you start: break down the question

* outline = sketch
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A situational analysis is important as it provides a clear and precise understanding of the business’s current position and where it is heading. For example, prior to Aldi entering the Australian grocery market it conducted an analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) and saw an opportunity to expand its operations to Australia selling low cost grocery items. For a situational analysis to be reliable it must always be based on meaningful market research.
Paragraph (repeat for each paragraph) * Topic sentence * Expand/explain * Evidence/examples * Link (ii) Market research
The next step in the marketing plan is market research. Market research is….

* Summarise main points * Do not add any new information * Leave the reader with something to think about


In conclusion, this essay has outlined the six key elements of the marketing process: (i) situational analysis; (ii) market research; (iii) establishing marketing objectives; (iv) identifying target markets; (v) developing marketing strategies; and (vi) implementation,

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