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1- What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family?
A main advantage of the nuclear family is that a couple has ultimate privacy. Nuclear families incur less stress and trouble when moving into a new home. There is a specific sense of freedom that gives a nuclear family the ability to live life as they wish. It is also easier to avoid stress. A disadvantage is that children are left to take care of themselves. Another disadvantage is that the feeling of safety and security is lacking. There is also not much of a support system.

2- What are the advantages and disadvantages of extended family?
Extended families are families where three or more generations are living in the same house. Usually, that means that the
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They may have personal prejudices against people who look some way or against people of a certain status and while Islam states that a true Muslim looks past these things and only spirituality matters, not all parents are good Muslims and some are better South Asians than Muslims and are quite superficial. These kind of parents also don 't give much thought to spirituality either so it could be a woman who wears tight clothing or a man who drinks and womanizes.
5- What are the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage?
Advantages of Love Marriage
One of the most important advantage of love marriage is that it gives you the freedom to choose your own life partner and love marriage offers more independence and freedom to live your life.
In love marriage both individuals feel more secured and comfortable as they know each other well and are also aware of strengths and weakness of each other. And they do not find any difficulty or anything new in their life after their marriage.
Love marriage has a bright chances of success because it occurs from mutual attraction, love and understanding of individuals. It is not an artificially created union as in an arranged marriage.
Love marriage gives your life excitement and peace of mind. You have a life partner of your choice with whom you can go to different places, enjoy your vacations, watch sports events and you’ll see all these things will look more lovely when
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