How to get to Heaven according to Kant Essay

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When man dies where does he go? This is a question humanity has been pondering over since the beginning of time. Deep within humanity’s being mankind as the ability of reason. Reason explains that this world is not the end of everything. Man cannot fathom the concept of ceasing to exist. Therefore over the years countless people have come up with ideas to life after death. Christianity calls it salvation. Buddhism calls it enlightenment. But no matter what the name is, it all deals with what follows death. Mankind desires to know how to be well-pleasing before God. Immanuel Kant attempts to tackle this question in his book, Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone. Kant wants to take faith and emotion out of the picture and use pure…show more content…
According to Kant God created mankind for good; not necessarily that man is good. “He is created for good and the original predisposition in man is good; not that, thereby, he is already actually good” (Kant 40). The previous statement could be taken in many ways. But perhaps what Kant is saying here is that man is to become good to the best of man’s ability in this life. God’s plan is for man to pursue good. Kant establishes in Book I that man has a tendency towards evil. Kant explains, “Man is evil, can mean only, He is conscious of the moral law but has nevertheless adopted into his maxim the deviation therefrom” (27). Therefore man knows right from wrong and at times intentionally chooses wrong. Through reason man can establish what is good and what is bad; consequently man has no excuse when choosing evil. So if humans know what is the correct thing to do, why is not the right thing always the first choice? What is the cause of this evil? Humans choose evil through self-love. When one cannot see past his own desires he will inevitably choose what is wrong. Self-love is the incentive that turns ones disposition toward evil. Self-love thus becomes the priority over moral-law, “Man is evil only in that he reverses the moral order of the incentives when he adopts

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