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Are you tired of the bar scene? Do you not have time to go out to meet people?
“You’ve got mail”. This is what you want to hear if you’re persuing the singles scene through the internet. Unconventional; maybe. Convenient; definitely. Meeting someone through the internet can be an exciting adventure, but takes alot of time and patience if done correctly. This process has three steps that need careful thought before you even place your ad, which I will guide you through. An obvious point to make is that you need a computer with internet access. First, you’ll need a screen name. Second, write a personal ad. Third, choose the singles sites to advertise on and register. Now you’re ready to place your ad. Next you will weed through responses,
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I enjoy movies, comedy, dancing, dining out, traveling, and spicy evenings for two! I’m a very confident independent person. If you aren’t intimidated by someone who knows what she wants and usually gets her way, then email me. (I won’t bite).
Now decide if you want to include a photo of yourself with your ad. There are definite pros and cons to this, so give it careful thought. I chose not to include my picture. I consider myself very average and people tend to form their first impression from a photo, if available. I wanted the first impression to be an incredible curiosity as to who I was based on what my ad read.
Choosing your singles site(s): If you do a search of singles sites it will bring up more than you can imagine. I did some investigating of about a dozen before I decided which one(s) to use. Some require extensive information during the registration process and some were hard to get around in and browse the ads. I ended up choosing three of the better known sites by internet users such as,, and Take the time to browse some of the sites, see what is required to register, and read some of the ads. Then make your choice and register. Now you can place your ad and start your adventure.
Now you get to weed through your responses, and men, I’m sorry to tell you that

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