Howard Gardner 's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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I first want to say that my perspective and answers are influenced by my belief in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Intelligence and ability are not one linear scale. They are both complex. 1. What is the biggest indicator of instructional quality within the classroom? Students are able to perform tasks that are related to the class’s standards. Computer graded test can only give you feedback on low level cognitive abilities. That is my I use projects much more then tests and worksheets in my class. If they can complete a high quality project, they understand the skills. (If they can help others complete the project they’re even better.) 2. What type of data do you trust most when considering whether a student has learned? The data I most trust in my observations of my students and observation of their work followed closely by my conversation with my students. I teach CTE classes and my classes are all primarily in the psychometric domain (what the students can do.) There is some objectives in the cognitive domain (mostly safety and identification), but it is almost always secondary to what they can do. Because of this, written test do not work well for most of my class. They can be good for the low level cognitive, but they are ineffective for performance based tasks. In a project based class, I can look at the work the students produce and it tells me a lot about what skills they have mastered and what needs more work. The same goes for my
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