Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences In The Classroom

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Originally when Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor at Harvard University, developed the multiple intelligence theory in 1983 he had no intention of it being used in the classroom setting (Gardner, 2011). However, this did not stop educators based all over the world from using the theory to help students take control of their learning and better understand their minds. Gardner even came to almost fully accept and support educator’s use of his theory. Gardner stated that “Only once did I openly condemn an application of the theory. In the early 1990s, I learned from a colleague about an MI-inspired educational approach in Australia. No doubt well motivated, this approach went way too far and violated both scientific and ethical boundaries (Gardner 2011).” This theory is based on the idea that a person is not limited to one area of intelligence outright. The definition of “intelligence” is as follows, “Ability or abilities to acquire and use knowledge for solving problems and adapting to the world” (Woolfolk, 2004, 107). Intelligence is something that is often measured by tests, such as the IQ test or standardized tests. Multiple intelligences are not something that are tested for. They are experienced, witnessed in real life situations. A person cannot, and should not be defined by a single aspect, such as their intelligence; this is where the idea of multiple intelligences comes in. With the theory of multiple intelligences, people can possess different levels of
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