Howard S Becker

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Howard Becker
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
Professor Smith
March 4, 2012

Howard S. Becker Howard Becker was a famous American sociologist. He made several contributions in the fields of occupations, education, deviance and art and made several studies in those fields. He particularly made several studies in the field of social deviance and occupations. Most of studies went into the interactions between criminal people and regular people. Many of these studies included the criminal minds of these people, relationship between them and regular society, and how society viewed them. Howard Saul Becker was born on April 18, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois (Bernard, 2012). He studied sociology at the University of Chicago and he
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Society does little to nothing to help itself either. Criminal activity happens all around us yet we still leave valuables in our cars, leave the doors unlocked, or let our children roam free and then wonder why someone breaks into our car or house and demand law enforcement fix the problem. Certain areas of the United States have higher crimes than other parts such as the south has more crimes rates than the north and the city of Washington D. C. has the highest crime rate in all the country (Vissing, 2011). What we don’t realize that if we have a little common sense such as lock doors or keep our valuables tucked away we can prevent petty crimes and at the same time save our taxpayer money. Society views deviants are just that, those that defy the rules that were set in place for a reason or purpose such as safety or as legal guidance. We view criminals as if they are lost but if we taught them the right ways maybe we can help reverse some of the problems. There are some crimes though that even criminals themselves don’t like such as child rapist, molesters, or others that commit sexual crimes. These are some of the most serious offenders and even when they are in prison they get treated like dirt and even murders look down on them. Society though has given some people a bad name even though they don’t deserve it such as people who have a lot of tattoos or piercings. Society sees these people that maybe criminals

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